Special Care

High value transport

For high value goods, transportation in groupage-lines is mostly not an option. In this case a special courier will be a logical alternative. Upon request we can provide vehicles which can be followed in real time via satellite connection.

Your freight is standard CMR-insured. If required, you can take out additional insurance through StebelFreight.

Pharmaceutical transport

For the transportation of almost all your pharmaceutical products and medical research material you can best rely on an experienced courier. Deliveries to eg. hospitals have to be handed over to the right person at the right place at the right time. Your goods are in expert hands with us.

Fragile transport

Solar cells, windshields for the automotive industry and many other fragile goods have to be transported with extra care. Without reloading, direct delivery from point A to B. We can provide straps to secure the goods, blankets to protect the goods, and most of all an experienced courier who knows how to handle your goods with SPECIAL CARE.